ライフセトルメント:賢い選択か、リスクの渦中への一歩か? / Life Settlements: A Smart Choice or a Step into a Risky Vortex?



  1. 保険契約の解約よりも高い価格で売却できる可能性がある
  2. 保険料の支払いが不要になり、経済的負担が軽減される
  3. 手続きが比較的簡単で、すぐに現金化できる


  1. 保険の保障が失われる:新たな保険に加入できない場合や、新しい保険の保障が十分でない場合がある
  2. 売却後の税金負担が生じる可能性がある:利益に対して所得税が課されることがある
  3. 売却価格が市場によって変動する:経済状況や業界動向により、査定額が変動することがある


  1. ライフセトルメント業者の信頼性を確認する
  2. 売却価格や手数料を比較検討する
  3. 税金やその他の費用(例:業者手数料や登録手続き費用)について十分に理解する






  1. 保険の借り入れ:保険契約者が、保険金を担保に現金を借りる方法
  2. 保険の変更・見直し:保険契約内容を見直して、保険料の負担を軽減する方法


  1. 自分の保険ニーズを明確にする:現在の生活状況や将来の目標に応じて、保険の必要性や保障額を見直しましょう。
  2. 複数の選択肢を比較検討する:ライフセトルメントの利益とリスクを考慮し、保険の借り入れや保険の変更・見直しとの比較を行いましょう。
  3. 専門家と相談する:税金や費用の詳細、および適切な選択肢を専門家に相談し、最善の方法を選びましょう。



Life settlements refer to the sale of an insurance policy held by the policyholder to a third party. When it becomes difficult to pay insurance premiums or the need for insurance is no longer present, life settlements can be used as an alternative to canceling the insurance contract. In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of life settlements and the points to be aware of.


  1. Possibility of selling at a higher price than canceling the insurance contract
  2. No need to pay insurance premiums, reducing financial burden
  3. Relatively simple procedures and quick cash conversion


  1. Loss of insurance coverage: There may be cases where it is not possible to join a new insurance plan or the coverage of a new insurance policy is insufficient
  2. Potential tax burden after the sale: Income tax may be imposed on profits
  3. Sale price fluctuates depending on the market: Assessment values may fluctuate due to economic conditions and industry trends

[Points to Note]

  1. Verify the credibility of the life settlement company
  2. Compare the sale price and fees
  3. Fully understand taxes and other expenses (e.g., broker fees and registration procedure costs)

Life settlements are often used by the elderly or those with illnesses. However, recently, there has been an increase in cases where younger generations also use life settlements.

An example case is a man in his 60s who sold his insurance policy through a life settlement because the insurance he had joined was too burdensome. He used the funds obtained to join a new insurance plan.

To explain the tax burden in detail, income tax is imposed on the profits obtained through life settlements. However, deductions and non-taxable amounts may apply, so it is advisable to consult with an expert to accurately grasp the tax burden.

[Alternative Measures]

  1. Insurance borrowing: A method where the policyholder borrows cash using the insurance money as collateral
  2. Changing or reviewing insurance: A method to reduce the burden of insurance premiums by reviewing the insurance contract content

Taking these points into consideration, make a choice that suits your situation and needs, carefully consider life settlements and alternative measures, and use them wisely. Specifically, it is important to make a decision following these steps:

  1. Clarify your insurance needs: Review the necessity and coverage amount of insurance according to your current living situation and future goals.
  2. Compare multiple options: Consider the profits and risks of life settlements and compare them with insurance borrowing and changing or reviewing insurance.
  3. Consult with a specialist: Discuss the details of taxes, expenses, and appropriate options with an expert to choose the best method.

By following these steps, you can make the most suitable choice for yourself and effectively utilize life settlements and alternative measures. Finally, it is important not to rush the decision and to gather sufficient information and consideration. Make choices that align with your life plan and insurance needs, and build a secure future.